Thoughts of my shadow

Hi ! Here are some thoughts, a variety of them so you know what to expect from other articles. Some things are adressed to specific people, some things are for me, how I feel and some things are more general. I let my mind speak and my darker thoughts can have a place here. You’ll see some french, but a lot of my writing is in English. I’m starting with older thoughts and I’ll work my way through to more recent ones. Enjoy, relate, cry if you feel like it ! 🙂 -WoodWater (Bois d’eau)


(August 31st 2021)

It’s the little things and the People.


(September 8th 2021)

I miss home but I don’t know where home is


(September 11th 2021)

I truly want to trust myself 


(September 14th 2021)

-I don’t trust myself and that’s so heartbreaking.

I have so many things that prove I don’t trust myself and goddammit that hurts.

Imagine being amazing and wasting all that potential because you don’t trust yourself. 


-I’m scared of the future, but I would never go back in time.


(September 17th 2021)

-I’m so valued and loved by the people I love or people that I don’t even, per say, love. I’ve realized it. Z. helped me put up my posters around school, U., A. and C. too. H. wanted me in the ultimate team because I make her laugh and we have nice conversations. Also Q. and R. could’ve seen each other without me, but our trio is an actual trio and I am loved and valued by these people. It’s the little things that mean so much. 


-I stopped beating myself up for being alone and started embracing it. That I was going to work on myself and life gave me the ability to see how valued and loved I am by myself and others. I can talk to strangers without overthinking it again.


(September 24th 2021)

-I wanna go back

I wanna go back



-I’ve had good times and I’ll have good times again. 


(September 28th 2021)

I’m definitely in hell 


(September 29th 2021)

-How can people lie and not feel bad about it ?


-It’s okay that life doesn’t always turn out like you thought it would. It’s okay to have feelings. It’s okay to cry. We really wanted it. .

It’s me


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